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Pure Silk Saree the Epitome of Luxury at Ethical Price.

All Sarees Direct from Weavers and Weavers Society & all our weavers are associated with Indian Silk Mark a certification mark in India for silk textiles to sell Genuine Silk sarees to our customers.

Our Associated Silk Weavers Society


What is SILK MARK ?

Silk Mark is a certification mark in India for silk textiles. The mark certifies that the piece of textile which bears the mark is made of pure natural silk. The certification is managed by the 'Silk Mark Organization of India', a society setup by the state controlled Central Silk Board of India. Even though promoted by the government of India, the mark is only advisory in nature and is not legally endorsed. The certification scheme was founded by the Central Silk Board in 2004 Please look at the icon all products displayed as pure silk on our website are made of natural pure silk.

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We Promote famous Silk Sarees woven across with Ethical Pricing to our Global Audience compared un-ethical pricing in the market.

India the biggest makers of silk representing right around 24% of the aggregate silk creation on the planet. Today, the custom of silk weaving has advanced in India to make pure silk sarees online which is with no uncertainty the most adored ethnic conventional wear of Indian ladies. Indian women wrap themselves in popular pure silk sarees for different events for weddings, celebrations or even formal events or casual office wear.

Fabfashionz Roots Of Indian Sarees

We Offer a wide range of pure silk sarees direct from weavers and weavers society.


Kanjeevaram | Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

Kanchipuram silk saree is a testimony to highly skilled craftsmanship. A Kanchipuram weave is certain to bring joy to both weaver and customer , Making of an ethereal Kanchipuram Weave to Make Kanjeevaram Saree in Pure mulberry silk by master of Expert craftsmen.


Mysore Silk | KSIC Thickness Sarees | Crepe Silk

The Glimmering crepe silk sarees the Royal heritage are a gem in the crown of the Maharajas and Sultans that reigned over this land the largest state Mulberry Silk, it was the Maharaja of Mysore who established the first silk factory in the land in the year 1912. Its rich texture, striking colors and elegance, the silk sarees of Mysore exude an undeniable classic appeal.


The Pure Silk Paithani Sarees  | Paithani Art Silk

Paithani the glory of Maharashtra. Paithani saree, is indeed an owner's pride, with its rich luxurious weave, it is an integral part of the Bridal Trousseau. The weaving technique is complex, its lustrous sheen comes from natural colours.

Your Special Occasions


Traditional Contrast Silk Saree

The Traditional Maharashtrian Contrast Sarees is way different than craving for the designer and fashionable sarees. Traditional silk saree which is available in pure silk fabric. This saree is widely used since a long time for wearing in marriage, festive.

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The Bangalore Silk Sarees

The first thing that jumps to mind when you think of Bangalore silk saris are the golden threads engraved on a dark or brightly colored sari enhanced by exotic symmetrical patterns. which is regarded as one of the purest silks produced in India, The silk the city with the perfect climate, for rearing silkworms in India and inspired the onset of the silk revolution in and around Bangalore.


Sarees for Arangetram | Bharathnatyam Sarees

Be gorgeous on Occasions of Arangetram with Pure silk saree, Exclusive Collections Of Arangetram Sarees direct from weavers with best price Shipping India & Worldwide

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Wedding Bridal | Brocade Saree

Brocade proffers highly-decorative & impressive shuttle-woven fabrics typically versatile a draw-loom during the weaving process & also it contains additional weft technique. Generally, Brocade Saree or fabrics made with coloured silks & might frame by using gold or silver threads.

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Best Indian Ethnic Wears for Mens

We offer Wide Range in Silk Sirt, Dhotis, Silk Kurthas at best Price.