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The forward thinking online store for Indian ethnic wear to promote the hard work of weavers and weavers society. FabFashionz.com is Luxury Online brand for Saris and Indian ethnic wear brand in Handwoven pure silk saris from roots of India with ethical business practice for over 45years now. India has a centuries old art and craft heritage that includes rich textile weaving traditions as well as surface pattern and embellishment techniques in handloom sarees.  They impart a unique look and feel to fabric lengths and Indian handloom traditions involve working intricate designs onto fabric with delicate cotton, silk, silver and gold metal thread. It was embellished with sequins and precious stones and favored by royalty to evoke a sense of luxury and opulence. FabFashionz.com isn’t so worried about profits and have slashed their own margins so they can profit share with talented weavers in South India. The company work with 65 Weavers and around 15 weaver society at present that specialist in weaving an array of handwoven silk saris like Kanchipuram Silk saris, Mysore silk saris, Bangalore Silk saris and many more. Currently the industry is making it hard for many weavers to make a living for themselves and to support their families due to the cut throat margins they are forced to accept from buying teams and middlemen to big department stores in India. The founders believe in ethical trading and are bringing the ethical trade code of conduct into their business model. 1) Direct from weavers and weavers society with original Silk saris. 2) Good pricing which is cheaper than a retail store in India. 3) Customers around the world will get the Saris and Indian ethnic wear cheaper than a retails store in India at you respective country. We ship world wide with the duration of 15 days. We also Have machine made designer saris to attract all age group world wide Register now at fabfashionz.com and become the member of weavers family and weavers society and attractive offers.